Can you buy a good car for under £1,000?

Most of us buy used cars, so if you only want something to run you about from A to B, you may only want to spend up to £1,000. That can seem like quite a lot of money, especially if it’s your first car, but you have to be careful. It’s possible to buy a decent used car for under £1,000 but it’s also possible to buy one that has many hidden problems.

It’s important to get your car inspected no matter how much you’re willing to spend, but especially when you’re spending your life savings. If you have a family member or friend who knows about cars, you may want to take them with your for the viewing, perhaps letting them have the test drive. Alternatively, you can pay a garage to come out to inspect the car for you. They’ll be able to tell you whether the car is in good condition and where there could be some potential problems in the future. They charge per callout though, so you may spend money calling them out to look at a car that’s completely useless. Whatever you choose to do, do you homework when buying a car, it’s a big investment.

Chris Evans Resigns

Wow only in our last post we were commenting on the new series of Top Gear, saying that Chris Evans is having a difficult time and he’s now resigned, after filming just 6 episodes. It’s fair to say that this just wasn’t a good match. Chris was trying too hard to be like Jeremy rather than being himself, and it’s going to be a very difficult job for anyone who steps in. Matt Le Blanc is set to stay and he’s had more positive feedback than Evans and perhaps he’ll have a say as to who comes in, because it’s going to be important to have a presenter who can bounce off him. He seemed to hit it off with Tiny Temper and that would be an interesting pair, but I think someone young is a must and it’s exciting to see who will be in the hot seat next.

New Top Gear

If you didn’t catch the first episode of Top Gear in its new format with new presenters Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc I wouldn’t rush. For those of you who quite like a few spoilers and want to hear how the first episode went at a glance, here it is: badly. Evans was trying way too hard and he never really cemented his actual opinion on any of the cars, and he was driving a Dodge! It almost felt like he was reading out press releases from the manufacturer. Matt Le Blanc wasn’t too bad but we’re talking about Joey from friends here. I think it’s safe to say that Clarkson, May and Hammond were watching this together in hysterics and they certainly won’t be worried when their new show launches later on this year.

Buying The Right Fuel

Seeing as there’s a massive price decrease on fuel in the UK right now, we thought it’s only right to try and discuss the age old discussion of – is branded fuel better than supermarket fuel?

First we need to confirm that supermarket and brands such as BP, Shell and Total get their fuel from similar refinery’s in the UK. So why the price difference if they source the fuel from the same refinery? Well it’s due to what each company does with the fuel afterwards. Each company has different additives that they add. For example BP are know to add more lubricants to their fuel, hence the price is higher per litre.

Next question you’re probably asking is, if the branded fuel works out better value for money in the long run? Well in terms of your car, it will respond better to the premium range fuel but whether that equates to more miles per gallon is another question entirely. This would all depend on driving conditions, driving style etc. There are so many factors involved that it’s impossible to judge.

Flying Cars?!

Something that has just come to our attention is the existence of flying cars. These are vehicles that are capable of doubling up as a normal car, capable of driving on the roads, and as a flying vehicle.

There are a number of models that offer you this capability. Many have been produced by highly reputable designers and engineers for a slick image and high performance, but the original design of this type of car consisted of a fairly normal looking “mini” type. With this car, you could drive around like normal, without anyone being then wiser about what it could do, but if you wanted to go on a flight too then you would have to cart around your wings like a trailer behind your vehicle. These could then be attached as and when you felt like making a flight.

The more recent models of flying cars are far more precision engineered to provide high performance and safety standards. They are basically a viable option for many people now, although whether or not we’re likely to see them more regularly remains up for debate. Besides the gimmick value of owning such a vehicle, driving one could mean a massive saving in your daily travel time as you’ll be able to bypass the twists and turns of the UK’s modern road system and head to your destination in a straight line.