23 Aug

Which Tyre should you use or your car in Rainy Day?

Apart from all other days, driving your car out in a rain-filled place is quite tricky indeed. This is because the road remains wet and it retains superior chances for committing accidents. Thus before you drive out on such a day do check for the specifications that your tyre obtains. If you do not know it is safe or not, you can check it out here:

Specifications Required for the Tyre:

For obtaining a good tyre in a rainy day, a good grip of it is also required. So you need to first have an eye on the grooves or the treads whether it will be able to hold the grip or not. Next up is the rubber as the softer the tyre becomes, it is stickier to the ground. Lastly is the shape where a smaller diameter is used to displace more water of the road and thus overcoming the centripetal force.