4 May

2014 Honda Civic LX Recalled for Tire Trouble

A recall have been issued for the 2014 Honda Civic LX thanks to tire trouble. Honda says the 9817 2014 Civic LXs may need been shod with tires that experience a tear within the tire bead, which may cause a blowout at speed. The Problem: Certain 2014 Honda Civic LX models were fitted with tires which could have a tear inside the tire bead. While Honda’s tire supplier was fitting Civic LX wheels with tires, the tire bead can have been pinched between the assembly equipment and the steel wheel, causing a tear. A tear within the tire bead could potentially lead to a blowout, increasing the danger of a crash.The Fix: Though most each of the affected vehicles are still at dealers, Honda says it’ll notify the few affected...
25 Mar

Automated Automotive Vehicles

Recently we can and have seen a lot of movement on the race to automate our vehicles. This can be seen most readily in the recent introduction of cars which can break automatically through the use of sensors on the vehicle. We can see this trend has been growing for years, and for good reason. Automatic vehicles would literally revolutionise the way we travel, and transport our goods. If all the cars and trucks on the world drove themselves, without any human input, we would see the abolishment of drivers licenses the world over. But we can see some more immediate effects right now. This automatic breaking mechanism is sure to reduce car crashes as soon as it is being heavily introduced in a majority of vehicles. According to companies...
23 Feb

Volkswagen Cross Up! Suits Up! for Geneva Motor Show Debut

We quite liked the Volkswagen Up! after we drove it Up! to our test track about a months ago, and now VW has Up!ped the Up! lineUp! by one. The “rugged” Volkswagen Cross Up! – the lifted light off-road version of the Up! city car – is suiting Up! for its Geneva Motor Show unveiling. With the VW Cross Up!, VW hops at the mini-crossover bandwagon started by the Fiat Panda 4
21 Feb

Race-Inspired Aston Martin Vantage SP10 Launches With Manual Transmission

Aston Martin can be paying tribute to its GT4 racing success with a brand new special-edition V8 Vantage S for continental Europe – the manual-transmission-equipped Vantage SP10. Named after the Vantage SP10 GT4 race car, the Aston Martin Vantage SP10 gives enthusiasts the opportunity to finally get their hands on a V8 Vantage S with a correct six-speed manual gearbox. Sooner than the announcement of the Vantage SP10, the sole transmission available inside the V8 Vantage S was a seven-speed dual-clutch auto. Otherwise, the Vantage SP10 is generally unchanged out of your run-of-the-mill V8 Vantage S, and we’re pleased with that. The SP10 remains to be available in coupe or convertible forms with the similar 4.7-liter V-8 making 430 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque. The special-edition V8 Vantage S...
19 Feb

Spied! Refreshed Hyundai Tucson Caught Covering Revised Grille, Taillights

The Hyundai Tucson has sat at the sidelines because the new Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport get the entire headlines, but that isn’t be the case for long. A camouflaged Hyundai Tucson, often known as the ix35 in Europe, was spied testing, suggesting a refreshed model is likely to be at the way. Although the crossover wears an honest amount of camouflage, we are able to see a brand new grille design peeking out from underneath. Don’t be surprised if the refreshed Tucson’s front end resembles the only found at the fuel-cell powered Tucson (pictured below), meaning a trapezoidal front grille with chrome horizontal slats replacing the split grille found at the current car. Foglights also seem to have a circular design versus squared-off ones at the current Tucson....