17 Feb

Thread of the Day: Scion FR-S TRD – Better With All Show and No Go, or All Go and No Show

The Toyota GT86 TRD will soon go on sale within the U.K. with some upscale visual upgrades, but no performance enhancements. Some commenters in a Motor Trend forum thread suggest a low-volume special-edition car like that GT86 TRD should compromise a section on style so as to add some dynamics improvements for a similar price. That U.K.-only car got us thinking – would you mind a Scion FR-S TRD special edition if it solely upgraded looks or should the automaker improve other aspects of the auto for a similar price, sacrificing one of the vital parts that increase the car’s curb appeal

To the limited-edition GT86 models, TRD adds a brand new front lower lip, new side skirts, 18-inch alloy wheels, a revised rear fascia, and dual exhaust tips per side. A TRD shifter, radiator cap, and fuel-filler cap also are new.

Motor Trend forum member Fallen79 thought “the minor mods look really upscale and it adds what the FR-S was missing in a little flair… However leaving the engine untouched was an incredible mistake to me.” Fallen79 asked other forum members in the event that they would pay the premium for the “prettied up” Scion FR-S or in the event that they thought the auto is a mistake without engine upgrades.

Would you purchase a Scion FR-S TRD with only cosmetic changes or prefer performance upgrades and a totally stock look instead Share your thoughts below.

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