12 Dec

Understanding your 4WD vehicle

Purchasing a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a big step from your usual standard road car. You now have the opportunity to venture off the track and put your new car to the test.

Each 4×4 wheel drive is different, so familiarise yourself with the vehicle manual before starting your journey. Understand the safe ways to switch your vehicle from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive without causing damage. Some older off-roaders require your front wheels to be unlocked before entering 4WD mode.

Most 4WD vehicles have two 4×4 options, 4-wheel drive low and 4-wheel drive high. High can be driven at higher speed and can be used to provide your car with extra traction, Low¬†ratio mode is a slower mode and can be used for the more challenging surfaces such as ice, broken rock and sand dunes.¬† 4WD vehicles always have the 2-wheel drive and neutral option too.

Now you know the ropes, there is no better time to get out and go off-roading.