28 Nov

Off-roading adventure seeker

If you love an adrenaline rush and also enjoy taking control, off-roading is a great, fun and dangerous activity for thrill seekers out there.

If you like to break the rules and decide off-roading is the thrill seeking activity for you, you must take some time to decide which 4WD car is right for you.

Knowing the dangers and planning ahead is essential, always plan for the worst case scenarios. Have a first aid kit handy, food and drink stocked up and spare warm clothing if you are stranded out in the cold, as weather can dramatically change in the evenings, even on the hottest of days.

Off-roading can be done on a variety of surface conditions, such as snow, sand and mud which are handled in similar ways to one another in terms of traction, compared to the more dangerous water fording, which should only be done by experienced off-roaders.

Make sure you do your research before going out on the forbidden tracks.