13 Mar

Looking After Your Tyres – They will look after you

Car tyres are needed to be checked and changed at their regular intervals for enjoying a smooth drive whilst keeping in the boundaries of the law. Tyres become eroded very frequently due to its prolonged use. As car owners, you should always be assured of having the prescribed air pressure present in your tyres as lack of sufficient air pressure will destroy the tyres much quicker than over filling your tyres. It can even result in excess fuel consumption and affect your driving as well.

The wheel alignment of the cars is also extremely necessary for the longevity of tyres and thus needed to be changed regularly. Uniformity in the pattern of tread tyres should be maintained as single tyres should not bear the whole burden and the load should be transferred to each of the tyres in a uniform fashion. Rims of each tyres should be cleaned on regular intervals and must be free from all kinds of debris which again can effect the longevity period.