2 May

Tyre Inflation is very important for car tyres and safety

Any car moves on its tyres and well maintained Tyre can greatly enhance the efficiency of a car performance. The Tyre too needs maintenance like any other functional part of the car.The most important is to keep the tyre inflated at the recommended pressure at all times. Low pressure would cause Tyre to wear away quickly due to over-heating. Damage to the treads are to be observed and taken care of. Tyres must be kept clean and free from oil or greasy deposits. It may cause bulging of tyre causing it to explode at high speed resulting in wobbling, make it go out of shape. Cars parked for long duration should occasionally be jacked up or moved from time to time to distribute load. The upkeep of tyre is generally neglected but its important not only for safety but for overall efficiency of the car itself. tyre inflated at correct pressure and maintained so ,is necessary for safety and performance.