22 Dec

What Sets a Tesla Car Battery Apart from Others?

Tesla motors, most would agree, produce the best electric cars. Their batteries are able to outlast and outperform other car batteries in virtually every way. The reason behind this is the intellectual property of Tesla Motors and as such is a closely guarded secret, but we can still see the results of how a Tesla battery outperforms its competitors.

Tesla batteries, used for homes and cars, have been shown to outperform in virtually all KPI’s. They can store greater amounts of energy within the same amount of space, and release it with lower losses of energy too.

What this means for vehicles using Tesla motors is that they will be able to travel farther and longer than all of its competitors, which for many people is the chief reason why electric cars are not very practical.

Even though this is the case, we still can’t claim that Tesla have solved all of the teething problems with electric cars. They still can’t travel the same distances as combustion engines, and lithium, the primary ingredient to the batteries, is a finite resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Both of these are significant barriers to the growth of the industry.