15 May

Creating a campervan from a regular van

Travelling and exploring is becoming even more popular over the years, and with that, many people are looking for ways to save on accommodation and travel expenses. One way is by creating and building your own campervan, converted from a regular van. Which van you decide really depends on the size of camper you are after. To start your campervan project, you must insulate the van minimising the risk of water damage from the outside and condensation build up on the inside. Once insulated, line your van with a chosen material, most popular being wood.

Creating a living space is simple, with one area for sleeping and the other for cooking, and storage. You can also fit your campervan with lights and a fan system if you desire too, making it feel homelier.  There are many holiday destinations that you can drive too and park up your van, plus if you do a really good job with renovating your van to a camper, you could park up at a summer car show or event and show your camper off for others to see.