10 Nov

Ensuring Your Car Is Winter Ready

In this article, we are going to discuss ways to ensure that your car is winter ready. Winter is slowly creeping up on us, therefore it is extremely important for our cars to be safe this winter.

Tyre Condition
It is important that you check the condition of your tyres. Ideally, you want your tyres to be the best quality, with a 3mm of depth. Helping to grip your car to the icy roads.

Windscreen Condition
Check the condition of your windscreen. When completing this check look out for any chips. These can worsen in the colder months. It is recommended that these are fixed before winter hits.

Breakdown Kit
Before winter hits, you should also update your breakdown kit. You will need to include more items than a summer breakdown kit. Ensure you have a blanket, torch and scraper to name a few. These will all help if you break down on a cold winters evening.