27 Sep

Essential Car Checks Before A Long Journey

Before heading on a long journey, there are some very essential checks which you should complete.

1- Lights
It is extremely important that you check all of your lights are in working order. This includes you head lights, high beams, indicators, break lights and reverse lights.

2- Oil Level
This is one of the most important checks to complete. You need to check that your oil level is correct. This is because oil important to help your engine run smoothly. You can check this by using your cars dip stick under to bonnet.

3- Fuel Level
One of the most obvious but likely to be forgotten is your fuel level. It is extremely handy to have a full tank before heading out on a long journey. This is because fuel is needed to power your car.

4- Tread Depth
Every tire on your car should have at least 1.6mm of tread. This helps your car to grip to the road and make your journey smoother.