3 Jul

The Different Types of Car Air Fresheners

Who doesn’t want their car smelling nice? Let’s look into the different types of air fresheners you can use in your car.

Hanging air fresheners are one of the most common. You hang these from your rearview mirror. They come in many different styles and scents so there is something for everyone. These can be a distraction though. Make sure if you are distracted you choose a different type.

Vent air fresheners are another popular choice. These ones push into the air conditioning vents of your car. They are much less of a distraction. Many brands such as Lynx and Yankee Candle produce vent air fresheners.

Finally, dash mount air fresheners. These generally come in different characters such as a Tardis or Hawian girl. Many different scents are available in this form as well. Similarly to the hanging air freshener, these can become a distraction so be cautious whilst using.