4 May

2014 Honda Civic LX Recalled for Tire Trouble

A recall have been issued for the 2014 Honda Civic LX thanks to tire trouble. Honda says the 9817 2014 Civic LXs may need been shod with tires that experience a tear within the tire bead, which may cause a blowout at speed.

The Problem: Certain 2014 Honda Civic LX models were fitted with tires which could have a tear inside the tire bead. While Honda’s tire supplier was fitting Civic LX wheels with tires, the tire bead can have been pinched between the assembly equipment and the steel wheel, causing a tear. A tear within the tire bead could potentially lead to a blowout, increasing the danger of a crash.The Fix:

Though most each of the affected vehicles are still at dealers, Honda says it’ll notify the few affected customers by mail. Customers can then take their 2014 Civic LXs to the dealership, where the tire could be inspected and, if necessary, replaced no cost. Honda is blind to any customer complaints, crashes, or injuries as a result of the tire issue.Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected:

There are 9817 2014 Honda Civic LX vehicles stricken by this recall, with most still on dealer lots. Honda will notify owners of affected vehicles by mail. Owners visit www.recalls.honda.com or call 900-999-1009 and choosing option 4 to determine if their Civics are plagued by this recall.Source: Honda