21 Aug

3 Problems With Car Finance

A large number of people now find it very simple and cheaper to get a new car through finance. Although it seems favorable, their exists some problems that most people run across but do not know how to solve. Here, we are looking at 3 of the main problems with car finance:

Age limit

A young person is regarded to have a low credit score which is always considered as a bad credit score. Although you can be very hardworking, the finance house do not consider you as they don’t know if you will be able to pay the payments. Also, their is no record that will support your monthly outgoing payments which can be very discouraging.

Ending your contract early

It’s a little challenging as termination of contract can occur without your wish. Ending of contract early favors those with personal contract purchase or hire purchase. It gives you option of clearing it through bank loan, own funds or selling it. But, if the car is in bad state and cannot fit the amount you owe, then it is negative equity as you will still have to add the funds to settle the debt.

Bad credit score

Bad score affects car finance in that, before the finance house gives you the car, they must have a look at your credit score for monthly payments, if it is bad, their is no chance for you getting a car finance.