19 Oct

A few tips to make your car winter-ready

The British winters have been a little unpredictable over the past few years, that’s why preparing your car for any winter weather conditions is a smart idea. Making alterations to your vehicle ready for the icy or even snowy periods of weather will not only improve the safety of your car but reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others around you too.

Tyres are an important part of your car that should be checked regularly all year round, including the amount of tread left and the condition of the tyre walls. That said, there are some things you may want to know when it comes to snowy or icy conditions. During snow, you can reduce the pressure in your tyres to improve the grip on the surface. Another option is to get winter tyres added to your car for this season.

Visibility can become a serious issue if you are unable to clear your screen due to frozen window washer fluid. Add anti-freeze to your washer fluid to reduce the chances of it freezing.