24 Nov

The dangers of driving at Christmas

With Christmas just days away now, we feel it’s important to highlight some of the dangers that road users will face as we near this big festive celebration. The roads will, of course, be slippy, the weather will be close to freezing, and the days will feel shorter too if that’s even possible! The UK is not the friendliest of places during winter, and you do need to stay safe on the roads in these quite harsh conditions. It’s best to not to drive during the days leading up to Christmas because the roads are incredibly busy and people are often rushing around. If you desperately need to drive somewhere then go ahead, however, you should make sure everything on your car is working as intended. Your heater should clear any windscreen condensation, you should have a scraper for icy conditions, the lights should be working and the fuel, water and oil should be topped up accordingly.