29 Apr

Buying The Right Fuel

Seeing as there’s a massive price decrease on fuel in the UK right now, we thought it’s only right to try and discuss the age old discussion of – is branded fuel better than supermarket fuel?

First we need to confirm that supermarket and brands such as BP, Shell and Total get their fuel from similar refinery’s in the UK. So why the price difference if they source the fuel from the same refinery? Well it’s due to what each company does with the fuel afterwards. Each company has different additives that they add. For example BP are know to add more lubricants to their fuel, hence the price is higher per litre.

Next question you’re probably asking is, if the branded fuel works out better value for money in the long run? Well in terms of your car, it will respond better to the premium range fuel but whether that equates to more miles per gallon is another question entirely. This would all depend on driving conditions, driving style etc. There are so many factors involved that it’s impossible to judge.