17 Mar

Flying Cars?

Something that has just come to our attention is the existence of flying cars. These are vehicles that are capable of doubling up as a normal car, capable of driving on the roads, and as a flying vehicle.

There are a number of models that offer you this capability. Many have been produced by highly reputable designers and engineers for a slick image and high performance, but the original design of this type of car consisted of a fairly normal looking “mini” type. With this car, you could drive around like normal, without anyone being then wiser about what it could do, but if you wanted to go on a flight too then you would have to cart around your wings like a trailer behind your vehicle. These could then be attached as and when you felt like making a flight.

The more recent models of flying cars are far more precision engineered to provide high performance and safety standards. They are basically a viable option for many people now, although whether or not we’re likely to see them more regularly remains up for debate. Besides the gimmick value of owning such a vehicle, driving one could mean a massive saving in your daily travel time as you’ll be able to bypass the twists and turns of the UK’s modern road system and head to your destination in a straight line.