24 Aug

Preparing your car for a long journey

It is the responsibility of the driver to check and ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy for a long journey. Along with the annual compulsory checks, such as MOT and insurance, checking your car before a long journey is extremely important and helps to reduce the risk or accidents on the road.

Check your oil level- Checking that your oil level is between the minimum and maximum level on the dipstick is a quick and simple job. Top up your oil if needed, making sure it is the correct oil for the car.

Tyres- Tyres need to be checked regularly and especially before long journeys. Tyres should have adequate tread on them, making sure they are not bald and do not have any marks on the sidewall of the tyre.

Water levels- If you don’t want your engine to overheat, check the water levels are fit for a long journey.

There are many other checks that should be carried out before a long journey, here is just the top 3 to start you off.