18 Jul

Manual or Automatic Transmission

There are many things to consider when you are purchasing a car, and one of the biggest is whether you should purchase an automatic or manual car. There are benefits of both, which we will run through with you now.


First of all, an automatic transmission is known to be the more enjoyable way to drive around town. If you are not too confident, lacking skills or looking for an easy ride automatic transmission can be the best option and it’s probably safer than manual for new drivers as it reduces driving effort by 25 percent.


While manual transmission cars are less popular today, they are still in use. And they allow the driver to have more control and operation of the car and its speed. Some may argue that they can cause a driver to become worse given the focus that is required, yet it soon becomes so easy you’re working without thinking. Furthermore, a manual transmission car can save you money. It is often a more economical choice when driven accordingly.