23 Oct

Buying an Old Car

Many people buy used cars but how many people really look at motors that are more than 10 years old? There’s no harm in doing this you know, just because a car is old doesn’t mean it won’t be fit to drive. We’re often told that old cars are tiled, on their deathbed or waiting to be scrapped but this will depend on the car itself. You can still find cars from the 1970s and 80s with low mileage and if they’ve hardly been used and they’ve been well looked after then they should still be worth looking at. Having a new but used car can still be quite pricy and perhaps by looking further down the line over the 10 year mark you’ll find a car that’s cheaper, in better condition and fit for purpose. Make sure you consider old cars when you’re buying a used car. Who knows it could one day become a classic.