29 Aug

Selling a car with problems – The risks

Many people choose to upgrade to a newer car. They may want something bigger, better, faster, smaller or shinier. Whatever their decision it means they have the opportunity to place their existing vehicle on the second hand car market. If, however, you’re selling your vehicle because it’s riddled with problems, you should be upfront about them. Okay so you won’t make as much money as you would if you were to lie about the issues, but how can you allow someone to drive a car that isn’t fit for yourself? They may not be knowledgeable in mechanics and may be looking for a reliable car, believing yours is right for them, only it isn’t. Though cars used cars are ‘sold as seen’ privately, you can be challenged in court if there’s evidence that you’ve tried to cover up known problems with the vehicle. You’ve been warned, you know the risks.